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Reasons why accreditation is important when sourcing a credible life coach in Birmingham

At J21 Coaching, we’re well aware of the importance of credibility and accreditation within the life coaching, mentoring and business coaching industry in Birminghamwe talked about it here at length to educate and advise potential clients recently.

The coaching industry is highly competitive, with many new consultants entering the market across the Midlands and wider UK in general.

And with so much choice, ensuring that consistent accreditation, credible reputation and provable results are in place are essential considerations.

We believe that affiliations and accreditation are important because:

* They offer businesses a framework and structure to align business aspirations and commercial goals.

* They offer reassurance to clients and customers using the organisation or consultancy that their services comply with standards and codes of conduct.

* They offer well-defined codes of ethics, and a clear re-dress process to follow should a client or customer feel disappointed with services received.

* They provide a panel of individuals to which other regulatory bodies or Government departments can liaise with, to improve effectiveness.

* They demonstrate to potential clients and customers that a company or organisation are serious about the services and standards they deliver.

To find out more about the affiliations and accreditations J21 Coaching are a part of, visit here.

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