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The annual Love-Fest that is Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and here at J21 Coaching, we appreciate that this time of year can be quite emotional and difficult for those with little or reduced levels of self-esteem.


So, here are our Top Six Tips for loving yourself and boosting your self-esteem levels before this year’s Valentine’s Day:

  1. Have a positive attitude and see yourself as a value. Be true to yourself, you are unique – so don’t try and emulate anybody else.
  2. What other people think of you is none of your business! And, ultimately, you have no control over what others think anyway. Concentrate on you and what you have to offer others.
  3. Remove “I can’t” from your vocabulary, and start using words like “I can and I will” or even “What If” (within a positive context)…I close this deal today, I have a really successful meeting, I shine through at this interview. The possibilities with positivity are truly endless.
  4. Stop making comparisons with other people, stop putting them on pedestals as you don’t know their full story – instead, focus entirely on you and never put yourself down. Believe you’re worth it every day.
  5. Don’t take rejection personally, everyone is dealing with this every day – it’s basically a numbers game, and you have to be in it to win it. No time for emotions to get in the way of your future success, just dust yourself off and keep going. Embrace constructive criticism from valued contacts and friends who are already successful, or who want you to succeed. Importantly, treat with extreme caution advice from friends and family who have not been successful themselves.
  6. Always have a small ego and a large heart. This will enable you to feel much better about yourself and others around: you will observe that you are genuine and are aligned with your true values, which will attract others towards you and thereafter boost your confidence and self-esteem – essential ingredients towards loving yourself.
  7.  (Bonus Tip) Self-talk is critical to maintaining a positive outlook because it is reinforcing existing beliefs, whether they are negative and limiting, or positive and empowering. You must at all times focus on the positives, and be aware of the disempowering negative self–talk: remember to stop yourself when your mind starts to court negativity, as this will affect your overall performance.


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