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Life coaching in the Midlands – case study

At J21 Coaching, one of our core services during our first year in operation as a coaching consultancy in the Midlands has been our life coaching services in Birmingham.

We’ve seen a particularly powerful personal transformation from one of our clients this year, so we thought we’d let him tell his story – in his own words.

So, this blog post is from a current life coaching client in Birmingham – sales professional Wayne Farmer.

“I started working with Jackie at the start of this year, primarily in a life coaching capacity.

The results have been noticeable and rapid – there were issues surrounding self-esteem levels, confidence and time management, which the life coaching sessions have all identified, addressed and resolved.

The life coaching I’ve received so far has been an incredible boost in increasing my focus levels, gaining new personal direction, achieving business goals, balancing life and work, and also in helping to see things differently in general.

The increased self-esteem has been a critical factor in recruiting a new sales team in my management role, and my focus is sharper than ever before. I’m currently in the process of setting up two new businesses, and have a far more varied work and personal life.

My time management skills have been transformed, too, so with the help of Jackie’s ongoing life coaching expertise I’m able to be more productive, have more energy and time than ever before to use for the best results.

Although I’m 29, I’ve dreamed of being in business for myself, and have an entrepreneurial outlook on life and business – Jackie has helped me to nurture and develop this even further. This year looks amazing already!”

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