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If you’re looking to hire a reputable, experienced and professional business coach in Birmingham, the team here at J21 Coaching have put together a top tips list for you as a handy reference tool:

  • Look for word-of-mouth recommendations for business coaches within the Birmingham business community.
  • See the business coach listings for Birmingham on Yell.com.
  • Is the Birmingham business coach a member of the ICF International Coach Federation (Streamline and research for your specific city) – J21 Coaching are members of this Body.
  • Check the Life Coach Directory. (professional bodies for sourcing localised coaches)
  • Review the Certified Coaches Federation, which lists up to 8,000 coaches, Including Executive & Life Coaches.
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham a member of The International Association of Coaching (IAC) dedicated to evolving the coaching profession through testing and recognised certification.
  • Is the business coach in the Midlands part of the Noble Manhattan Coaching Organisation? We trained with this organisation for more than two years, and qualified with them. They will direct people to their preferred area for coaches, and recommend their previous students.
  • Does the business coach in Birmingham have consistent and visible referrals from individuals and companies alike?
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham a member of the International Institute of coaching (IIC)J21 Coaching are members.
  • Is the business coach part of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce?
  • Look for LinkedIn searches in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas for business coaches – are they listed with a professional profile?
  • Consider credibility by talking a look at testimonials, being mindful to examine who are they written by, what they tell you about the value of hiring a coach, and their successful outcomes.
  • What are the professional accreditations of the business coach in Birmingham, and to what Bodies and groups do they affiliate with?
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham well respected by other coaches within their field? Do a Google search for their ranking and see what has been written about them.
  • Are there any YouTube videos with the business coach in Birmingham, speaking about their work, what they can offer, their expertise and their findings with individuals and companies?

If you have any queries about our coaching services in the Midlands, please feel free to contact us here.