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At J21 Coaching, we noticed a large number of redundancies being made across the Midlands last year, and the huge impact this has on employees – particularly those in the over-50 bracket.

The NHS, for example, spent nearly £3 million on redundancies across Birmingham and the Midlands in 2012, according to the Birmingham Post.

What happens to employees after the redundancy process is complete? Many are able and willing to work, but might find the job market struggles to meet their requirements, skills, experience and expectations of future employment.


Whilst support and information is available for free for over-50’s entering redundancy in the Midlands from organisations such as The Prince’s Trust for those looking to start-up their own businesses, accessing these limited-availability resources presents a minimal level of post-redundancy support.

This is where career coaching can help.

The resources, experiences, expertise and life skills possessed by employees in the over-50 bracket is considerable – and those facing redundancy often use the process as an opportunity to evaluate their lives and purpose.

Working with a professional life coach and developing career coaching sessions to ease the process from redundant to self-employed could be a valuable life-line for many over-50s, giving them a new focus for the future.

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