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We love reading and finding great resources online at J21 Coaching, and the internet can be an amazing place for sourcing information, hints, tips and much more.

One of the biggest barriers to effective online networking, however, can be the sheer volume of information available – many find it too much, and limit the amount of exposure to online resources they could be finding and utilising.


So, following our extensive use of online resources for life coaching, mentoring, business coaching and career coaching, here’s our Top 7 blogs and websites to have a look at:

* The Power of Loyalty blog

We follow this blog as it fits perfectly with our core values towards coaching clients. We’ve built our reputation for excellence in our first year based on being courteous, professional and adaptable – just as this blog recommends.

* Tony Robbins blog

“The higher your energy, the more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you’ll use your talent to produce outstanding results” according to Tony Robbins – and at J21 Coaching, we couldn’t agree more! Maintaining high energy is a key priority to reaching your goals in life and business.

* John Spence blog

As high profile business networkers and social media engagers, at J21 Coaching we’re fully aware of the power of increasing Brand value and reputation, underpinned by credibility and trust. This is a great blog providing hints and tips on cultivating long-term business relationships in networks.

* Collaborative Law in the West Midlands

This is an alternative area of Family & Matrimonial Law that J21 Coaching has been involved in, and it offers an alternative route to settling legal situations without stressful and traumatic court cases. A measured, civilised approach and well worth reading.

* Coaching results blog

Coaching is, ultimately, about results – and this blog is all about exploring full potential and achieving goals. Staying inside a comfort zone isn’t the way to find those fantastic opportunities out there. A brilliant coaching blog.

* Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes can motivate us to change, grow and find our ‘best’ selves, and we love this online resource. Some of the essential ingredients we use with many of our clients for better leadership, for example, include: listening, storytelling, passion and team-playing – coupled with adaptability, authenticity, gratitude, simplicity, responsiveness and likeability in business.

* Birmingham Airport Extension blog

The Airport Extension in Birmingham is very important for us all here at J21 Coaching, as the opportunity for growth in the city is critical. After all, we’re based in the ‘Second City’ and the Airport Extension will provide the region with excellent business opportunities to support and develop our vibrant business community. With the railway developments, these are exciting times!

For more information on our coaching and mentoring services in Birmingham, please feel free to contact us here.