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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching & Mentoring are used interchangeably, but there are differences. Coaching is more function focussed and mentoring is more relationship focussed.

Coaching tends to be performance driven and mentoring is more development driven.

1. How does Coaching differ from Counselling or Therapy?

Although there is a slight crossover between Coaching & Counselling, Coaching helps a client focus on what they really want and thereafter develop a Plan Of Action.

Coaching techniques enable you to focus on the present and also make plans for the future. Mentoring can be task orientated which enables you to move outside of your comfort zone as to gain clarity and direction for achieving successful results, whether in your business or personal life.

Counselling focusses on a client’s past and helps them to get closure.


2. What is Coaching & Mentoring?

Coaching & Mentoring can seriously help you turn your life or business around, or help a staff team to build stronger working relationships. It also includes; Goal Setting, Planning, Overcoming Obstacles within various areas or dealing with overwhelm and thereafter realising your full potential.


3. What are the benefits of working with a Coach/Mentor?

They are fundamentally aimed at overcoming challenges, specific barriers and facilitating; personal development, change management, clarity and direction.

Benefits also include; Having a greater visibility, improved self confidence and belief, greater performance, managing overwhelm and stress, stronger motivation and morale.

In terms of business coaching the benefits would also include; succession planning, facilitating board meetings for Directors and Management, increased productivity, growth strategy and team motivation.


4. How Can Coaching & Mentoring Help With My Business Growth?

This will include; leadership techniques, accelerating the growth journey of your business and possibly restructuring the business in preparation for a much greater turnover and successful results.

Working with a coach and mentor for business is considered a valuable investment as from start to finish they will work with you to overcome any existing barriers and will identify the key areas for improvement and devise a strategic and achievable plan with clear objectives for taking your business to the next level.

Depending on your business needs, sales and marketing strategies and plans can be developed and targets set for team members. Improving the overall operational development is often much needed as is motivating board members and staff teams to increase productivity.

Exploring new opportunities and developing existing services is also very useful for any business, as to keep clients interested and your competitors on their toes!


5.What should I look for when hiring a Coach & Mentor?

It’s a good idea to check who they have already worked with, you can google them or check them out on LinkedIn, as you will be able to gain an overview of their work and clients that are currently working with them; their testimonials should also indicate the benefits and impact of their work.

Ask what results their clients are already achieving and see if there is a consultation call that you could have as to determine whether you would have a good synergy working with your specific choice of coach and mentor.

Check to see if their programmes and services are a good fit for your specific needs. It’s always useful to know who your coach trained with and what qualifications they have. Ensure that their services are confidential and non judgemental and take a look at their website also research their areas of work and if they resonate with your challenges and requirements then make contact straight away and begin your coaching and mentoring journey for achievement.

At J Twenty One Coaching, we have commercial expertise and work with business clients in the Midlands and across the UK, to help them overcome obstacles.

Praise for J Twenty One Coaching

Providing Critical Insight

“Jackie has provided critical insight and pays attention to every aspect of your business, she is positive and encouraging at every encounter; I cannot believe the strides I have made with my health practice.”

Dolores Van Bourgondien – Chief Nurse Practitioner at Synergy Health and Wellness Boca Ratan, Florida, USA

Amazingly Perceptive

“Jackie is amazingly perceptive and has accurately been able to evaluate aspects of my life that have now been refined with clearly defined goals and we are starting to move forward towards the achievement of a balanced lifestyle that is both fulfilling and rewarding.”

Ian Palmer – First Officer Virgin Atlantic, Sutton Coldfield West Midlands.

Dynamic and Savvy

“Jackie is a dynamic and savvy business and career coach. She has a wealth of business expertise and is extremely results driven and will work with you tirelessly to achieve your goals. I would recommend Jackie and her business Jtwenty One to anyone wanting to achieve positive results and have a more successful life.”

Neil Jinks FCICM IRRV – Director, DWF LLP (CICM Corporate Legal Partner),
Birmingham UK

Resourceful and Supportive

“I have found her to be an objective, resourceful and supportive individual. She is a natural life coach and I would recommend her (and her company Jtwentyone ) to anyone who requires business or personal life coaching.”

Katherine Haden – Associate Partner and Collaborative Family Lawyer at Keelys Solicitors Lichfield


“Jackie has a Black Book of contacts that is the envy of the Second City and can help introduce, guide and coach you to success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie and must acknowledge her in being instrumental in FU Media winning a brand new bit of international PR business recently.”

Kevin Urquhart – Managing Director of FU Media (PR & Communications) & 69 Magazine LTD, Leicester, UK

Highly skilled

“Not only is Jackie a very skilled life coach, but a very intuitive woman knowledgeable in many areas who exercises a significant amount of experience and common sense into situations that are sometimes lacking. We have been on a great journey together and she has been amazing. Highly skilled in linking people together, she has a clear aptitude for understanding exactly what you need just when you need it.”

Kelly Sharman – MD Db Promotions UK / Talk Tickets and Marketing Manager at The Worlds Biggest Pantomime, Birmingham & London, UK

Infectious Positivity

“I am so pleased I hired Jackie as a business coach; she has inspired me to take my business to the next level which is going from strength to strength. Through her guidance good things happen, her positivity is infectious and I defy anyone not to benefit from working with her.”

Helen Toomey Hesk DipM, MCIM – Marketing & PR Strategist. Owner Melon Communications – PR, Marketing & Online Media Consultancy, Lemington Spa, UK

A Consummate Professional

“Jackie is a consummate professional who works very effectively to bring out the best in me. As well as the excellent standard of Coaching that Jackie provides she is always on the look out to go the extra mile so as to bring further benefits to my expanding business.”

Christiana Hines- Hampstead Housesitters, Hampstead, London.

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