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At J21 Coaching, we love this time of year – Spring is on the way, daylight hours are increasing, and March provides us with the promise of sunshine and snowdrops.

Many people and businesses in Birmingham are also starting the annual Spring cleaning process. It becomes, quite literally, time for a clean sweep of everything.



When it comes to going through the Spring clean and de-cluttering process, it’s often said that a cluttered house or business can be the sign of a cluttered mind. So often, the external condition is a reflection of internal conditions.

When our thinking is clear and focused, we achieve bigger and better things – hitting targets, enjoying the flow of each day, and balancing life and work more effectively. Life Coaching can help us all to achieve clarity and focus.

The start of the Spring season sees gardens being de-weeded and cars being washed, cupboards and wardrobes being sifted and sorted, and much more – including the movement from cluttered mayhem to ordered, simple structure.

Living in the moment, whilst enjoying a purposeful structure and stability is a perfect balance for the combination of modern living and a business life. Effective Life Coaching from our Birmingham-based consultancy can help.

Consider the potential positive benefits of hiring a Life Coach in Birmingham to help you de-clutter this Spring and take you into a brighter year ahead.

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