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Coaching for success in your own business

Full of great ideas but frustrated that you can’t seem to turn them into reality? Too busy working in your business to spend time working on it? Struggling to sort your business plan and marketing strategy?  Need to build your confidence before taking the next big step? So focused on the challenges that you can’t see any solutions?   

 Einstein observed that we can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. If you are starting or growing your own business that means getting some assistance from a coach or mentor who can help you climb out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself.

 Call us now and let’s have a quick chat about whatever you are wrestling with.  You have nothing to lose – apart from that big load on your mind!


Additional business services available through J21 We also have a wealth of business expertise and close working relationships with a wide range of expert practitioners across many commercial disciplines.  As well as coaching and mentoring business owners we can offer help with the following:


  • Preparing business plans and marketing strategies
  • Promoting your business through regular social media updates and PR activities
  • Referrals and connections to new clients and useful partners
  • Website design, graphic design and copywriting/blogging services to keep your brand fresh and highly visible

Why Business Coaching is Important

There is no doubting the importance of business coaching and leadership. In fact, it has become one of the world’s fastest expanding sectors.

Business advising can be employed by a wide spectrum of enterprises, from small to huge corporations. It may assist firms of all sizes in increasing earnings, lowering risk, and reaching new heights of success.

Coaches can assist businesses in the following areas:


1. Manage the company’s finances

A business mentor can give you the advice and support you need to keep your organisation running. They understand the intricacies of running a business and can assist you in making smart financial decisions. A skilled business consultant may also assist you on marketing and networking, all of which are critical for any organization.


2. Enhance customer service

They can also support companies in developing customer service systems and practices. Businesses can better serve their ideal clients and focus on a favorable reputation in the community by giving these resources.


3. Increase sales

Business mentors can support identifying and overcoming barriers that are stopping them from accomplishing their objectives.


4. Develop an effective marketing plan

Coaches help recognize your target market, develop successful marketing strategies, and track your progress. They can also provide help in the event of difficulties or setbacks.


5. Improve communications skills

A business mentor can help individuals build better communication tactics and boost capacity to listen and empathize by providing criticism and guidance. Also, it is important for the leadership to boost you confidence.


6. Boost productivity

An executive coach can provide an individual with the tools they require to be more productive at work by focusing on specific areas for improvement, particularly for your team. This could entail anything from acquiring good time management techniques to improving communication abilities.


7. Learn new business skills

Individuals who desire to learn new business skills or take their existing business to the next level can benefit from business coaching. Coach works with individuals one-on-one or with the team to help them build strategies, plan and execute goals, and
overcome challenges.


Is Business Coaching a Good Fit for My Company?

This question does not have a one-size-fits-all response. That is why it is critical to consider your decision before signing up for services. They can help determine whether business coaching is the best answer for your company.


Is business coaching effective for a business owner?

As a business owner you should know there are several reasons why business coaching can be beneficial for you and your team. First, they can engage one-on-one with clients to identify and solve specific obstacles and possibilities. This tailored approach can assist clients in developing strategies and solutions that are most effective for them.

Overall, business coaching is an effective method for improving performance, skills and bringing about long-term change in individuals and organizations.


Is it worthwhile to hire a business coach for business leaders?

There is no simple answer. Some feel that the cost of a service is excessive for the services normally given. Finally, it is determined by the specific scenario and the benefits that the coach can provide.


Is business coaching tax deductible in the United Kingdom?

On your tax return, you must deduct the cost of approved coaching from your self-employment revenue. If your company’s revenue in 2021/2022 is less than £85,000, use the basic form for this section of your tax return. All that is required is the total amount of your spending.


Most successful business owners gain their knowledge from mentors or business coaching.

  • Eighty-four percent of Fortune 500 businesses have mentoring programs, whereas all Fortune 50 businesses do (
  • 97 percent of business owners who have a mentor think they are useful in terms of success (
  • Only 37% of professionals, have a mentor (
    Source) 91% of those who have received mentorship will go on to mentor others.

How to hire a business coach Birmingham

If you’re looking to hire a reputable, experienced and professional business coach in Birmingham, the team here at J21 Coaching have put together a top tips list for you as a handy reference tool:

  • Look for word-of-mouth recommendations for business coaches within the Birmingham business community.
  • See the business coach listings for Birmingham on Yell.com.
  • Is the Birmingham business coach a member of the ICF International Coach Federation (Streamline and research for your specific city) – J21 Coaching are members of this Body.
  • Check the Life Coach Directory. (professional bodies for sourcing localised coaches)
  • Review the Certified Coaches Federation, which lists up to 8,000 coaches, Including Executive & Life Coaches.
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham a member of The International Association of Coaching (IAC) dedicated to evolving the coaching profession through testing and recognised certification.
  • Is the coach in the Midlands part of the Noble Manhattan Coaching Organisation? We trained with this organisation for more than two years, and qualified with them. They will direct people to their preferred area for coaches, and recommend their previous students.
  • Does the coach in Birmingham have consistent and visible referrals from individuals and businesses alike?
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham a member of the International Institute of coaching (IIC) – J21 Coaching are members.
  • Is the business advisor part of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce?
  • Look for LinkedIn searches in the West Midlands and Birmingham areas for business coaches – are they listed with a professional profile?
  • Consider credibility by talking a look at testimonials, being mindful to examine who are they written by, what they tell you about the value of hiring a coach, and their successful outcomes.
  • What are the professional accreditations of the business coach in Birmingham, and to what Bodies and groups do they affiliate with?
  • Is the business coach in Birmingham well respected by other coaches within their field? Do a Google search for their ranking and see what has been written about them.
  • Are there any YouTube videos with the business coach in Birmingham, speaking about their work, what they can offer, their expertise and their findings with individuals and companies?

If you have any queries about our coaching services in the Midlands, please feel free to contact us here.


Business coaching is a vital step for companies of all sizes and great way to overall success. We have addressed some of the reasons why mentor coaching is so crucial in this article. If you are interested in business coaching for your own business, we recommend outlining your needs before making a choice.

At J Twenty One Coaching, we have commercial expertise and work with business clients in the Midlands and across the UK, to help them overcome obstacles.

Praise for J Twenty One Coaching

A Consummate Professional

“Jackie is a consummate professional who works very effectively to bring out the best in me. As well as the excellent standard of Coaching that Jackie provides she is always on the look out to go the extra mile so as to bring further benefits to my expanding business.”

Christiana Hines- Hampstead Housesitters, Hampstead, London.

Providing Critical Insight

“Jackie has provided critical insight and pays attention to every aspect of your business, she is positive and encouraging at every encounter; I cannot believe the strides I have made with my health practice.”

Dolores Van Bourgondien – Chief Nurse Practitioner at Synergy Health and Wellness Boca Ratan, Florida, USA

Amazingly Perceptive

“Jackie is amazingly perceptive and has accurately been able to evaluate aspects of my life that have now been refined with clearly defined goals and we are starting to move forward towards the achievement of a balanced lifestyle that is both fulfilling and rewarding.”

Ian Palmer – First Officer Virgin Atlantic, Sutton Coldfield West Midlands.

Dynamic and Savvy

“Jackie is a dynamic and savvy business and career coach. She has a wealth of business expertise and is extremely results driven and will work with you tirelessly to achieve your goals. I would recommend Jackie and her business Jtwenty One to anyone wanting to achieve positive results and have a more successful life.”

Neil Jinks FCICM IRRV – Director, DWF LLP (CICM Corporate Legal Partner),
Birmingham UK

Resourceful and Supportive

“I have found her to be an objective, resourceful and supportive individual. She is a natural life coach and I would recommend her (and her company Jtwentyone ) to anyone who requires business or personal life coaching.”

Katherine Haden – Associate Partner and Collaborative Family Lawyer at Keelys Solicitors Lichfield


“Jackie has a Black Book of contacts that is the envy of the Second City and can help introduce, guide and coach you to success. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jackie and must acknowledge her in being instrumental in FU Media winning a brand new bit of international PR business recently.”

Kevin Urquhart – Managing Director of FU Media (PR & Communications) & 69 Magazine LTD, Leicester, UK

Highly skilled

“Not only is Jackie a very skilled life coach, but a very intuitive woman knowledgeable in many areas who exercises a significant amount of experience and common sense into situations that are sometimes lacking. We have been on a great journey together and she has been amazing. Highly skilled in linking people together, she has a clear aptitude for understanding exactly what you need just when you need it.”

Kelly Sharman – MD Db Promotions UK / Talk Tickets and Marketing Manager at The Worlds Biggest Pantomime, Birmingham & London, UK

Infectious Positivity

“I am so pleased I hired Jackie as a business coach; she has inspired me to take my business to the next level which is going from strength to strength. Through her guidance good things happen, her positivity is infectious and I defy anyone not to benefit from working with her.”

Helen Toomey Hesk DipM, MCIM – Marketing & PR Strategist. Owner Melon Communications – PR, Marketing & Online Media Consultancy, Lemington Spa, UK

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