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At J21 Coaching, we’ve been advocating and utilising the Belief Change coaching technique for some time now.

The power and simplicity of the French-Burgess 6-Step Belief Change Process is incredible to see in action, and as Belief Change Practitioners, we’re confident of the results this coaching method delivers for our clients.


The essentials of the Belief Change Process are, as with so many of the best things in life, incredibly simple yet effective. Some of these key Beliefs are:

  • Believe in yourself and your goals
  • Believe every moment has opportunity
  • Believe there is always a way through
  • Believe in your team and people around you
  • Believe in whatever it takes for success
  • Believe that achievements are attainable

Ultimately, belief is an essential ingredient when experiencing self-doubt, anxiety, fear or low-esteem. The Belief Change Process deals with this.

The main element we really love about the Belief Change Process is that it centres on the client, and is a brilliant methodology for de-scrambling a client’s life.

There are no buzzwords, it’s a very real process of coaching, with positive reinforcement and new thoughts effortlessly being brought into perspective.

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