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Q&A with award-winning Birmingham business coach and mentor

One of the most rewarding things about being an award-winning Birmingham business coach and mentor is the success of our fantastic clients.

Many of our clients have enjoyed massive successes in their professional and personal lives as a result of engaging with our proven coaching.

Here at J21 Coaching we’ve also been reflecting recently on the continued growth of our business coaching consultancy in Birmingham, and the rise of our professional services.

award-winning Birmingham business coach mentor

So, we decided to utilise this blog post on focusing on the growth of J21 Coaching, and how far we’ve come since launching seven years ago.

And the best way to do this is through a series of simple but illuminating Question and Answers, to highlight the ongoing growth of J21 Coaching.

Question: When was J21 Coaching established?

Jackie: I founded J21 Coaching in 2011, following the successful completion of training with formal coaching qualifications gained from Noble Manhattan, the world’s largest international coach training organisation, with 18 programmes being delivered across 27 countries.

Question: How did you find it during the first year in business?

Jackie: Setting up a coaching business was initially challenging, as I needed to get my coaching Brand to market – mainly by telling everyone what I did, and why, to reach a wider target audience across Birmingham, as well as generating more interest in my Brand identity and range of coaching services for clients across the country in general.

Question: How did you target new coaching clients in the first 12 months?

Jackie: I found specific networking groups and events that were a great fit for my business model, coaching programmes and target client base was the best way to engage new clients in the first 12 months when launching J21 Coaching across Birmingham. My business grew rapidly in Year One locally, and thereafter I attracted a much wider reach nationwide and overseas in New York, Florida and California.

Question: What enabled J21 Coaching to grow so rapidly in the early days?

Jackie: My main aim was to be innovative in the coaching sector, as well as going the extra mile for my clients, and above all, achieving top results. These were the key components within my business strategy for early success.

Question: How did the coaching consultancy grow as a result of this strategy?

Jackie: My Birmingham coaching business started to really accelerate after 12 months of laying down the foundations and identifying the 3 key areas of my work – namely, Business, Career & Personal Development Coaching and Mentoring for clients.

Question: What’s been the story so far for you and J21 Coaching?

Jackie: It’s been amazing, and J21 Coaching has thrived, with me winning awards along the way as Businesswoman of the Year, Business Networking, and as an Inspirational Woman all providing great recognition for my work.

Question: What’s your number one tip to successfully grow a business in 2018?

Jackie: In order to have a successful business, you need to keep working on it, developing it, and learn the skill of attracting a stream of new clients.

For more information on the mentoring and business coaching services in Birmingham, please feel free to contact with Jackie and J21 Coaching here.

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