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In order to be really ready, prepared and on Purpose for 2013, you need to be ideally in a position where you are well-placed to serve yourself – as well as others. At J21 Coaching, we specialise in helping individuals find their true Purpose.


Here are some useful questions to ask yourself about your Purpose in 2013:

  • Is there clarity within your own goals and values?
  • Are you truly focused on the changes that will be needed to help you embark on your journey for this year and reach the outcomes you desire?
  • Are you passionate about the year that lies ahead and what you need to put in place to really make things happen?
  • Are you confidant within yourself that you can fully achieve what you are setting out to do this year?
  • Are you working with a coach or mentor in order to have a professional sounding board to ensure that you are on track?

It’s worth also ensuring that you establish your identity within your organisation, as people are unlikely to buy from a brand they neither understand nor know.

Make sure you’re happy with your presence online within the platforms of social media or could you be missing a trick. We each have 24 hours a day, so make sure you consider how you’ll maximise your time efficiently – and ask if you’re getting distracted by other tasks that could potentially be delegated or outsourced.

Other useful ‘on Purpose’ questions include:

  • Are you ethical in your approach in life and in business?
  • When you offer support or a good deed to others are you expecting something in return? If so, change your mindset and do well for others without an agenda.
  • Are you on track to gain your client’s attention?
  • Have you defined who your target audience will be, and how will you increase awareness of your products and services?
  • Crucially, is your brand delivering exactly what you say it will?

It is important to reinforce trust and awareness; people will want to work with you if you have built a reliable and honest reputation.

Is your company on Purpose to more profitability during 2013, and will you work with a coach or mentor to help you realise this purpose and fulfill your goals during 2013?

Keep abreast with all the recent rules and regulations that are required within your industry – some clients will want to know this information, and if you can demonstrate that you are fully conversant it will increase your credibility.

Are you also on Purpose to attract new clients to your business and returning clients? Have you made your friends and business contacts fully aware of your services?

As you can see, being ‘on Purpose’ during 2013 is a complex, energetic and thorough ongoing exercise. If you think a business coach or mentor might help, please feel free to contact us here.