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At J21 Coaching the average day in the life of a Birmingham business coach is anything but average – with lots of variety and challenges.

Our range of business coaching, mentoring, relationship coaching, and career coaching services for clients and businesses in Birmingham, the Midlands and wider UK have been steadily growing in popularity since we founded the coaching consultancy in 2012, and we’re looking forward to a fantastic 2013.


So, if there were an ‘average’ day, it would look something like this:

• Early morning ‘Power Hour’ which includes planning for the day, as well as marketing activities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and arranging a to-do list for calls and research for the day ahead.
Coaching calls with clients and prospective clients via telephone & Skype during the morning.
• Networking lunches are common for us at J21 Coaching, to attract new business prospects and enhance/cultivate new business relationships for the long-term.
• The afternoon is usually for meeting with companies, business contacts, CEO’s and networking contacts.
• Early evenings are all about down time and quality family time, including as swim, sauna and reading.
• Then, possibly a client meeting or call, depending on our clients’ schedules and best times for our coaching services.
• Reading through research materials and checking new business cards for potential leads, as well as journal updates and weekly planning.
• Reflection of the day – what went well, what could be improved, what was successful and what needs more investment, finished off with a relaxing meditation before sleep.

If you have any queries about our coaching services in the Midlands, please feel free to contact us here.