J21 brand expands in first year with J21 Property launch


At J21 Coaching we’ve just completed our first year in business, providing life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching and mentoring services in Birmingham.



We’ve injected lots of hard work, surrounded ourselves with great companies and worked with professional individuals across the Midlands and in London.

There’s been a significant amount of business networking, online marketing, blogging outreach, and brilliant service development for our growing client base – leading to us generating fantastic leads and working with great clients.

As well as working with a range of blue-chip companies and SMEs alike, many of whom are reaching amazing goals via our coaching and mentoring services.

We’re also proud to announce that we have a new arm to the J21 brand, in the form of J21 Property, with a new Director on board, and exciting times ahead for us all.

How have we managed to flourish and grow in the midst of a double-dip economic Recession? Our current success is due to focus, building strong relationships, maintaining motivation, a clear brand vision, consistent communication with our target audience, and ruthless time management.

We also regularly re-visit our initial Business Plan and Marketing Strategy, as well as our Vision Board, and make tweaks and changes as needed.

Here’s to Year Two and further great times ahead from all of us at J21 Coaching and J21 Property. Your success is, of course, our success too.

For more information on our coaching and mentoring services in Birmingham, please feel free to contact us here.

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